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Happy New Year 2021!

Well, here it is, the day we’ve all waited for since about March of last year… the dawning of a new year. Happy New Year 2021!Good riddance to 2020 and all of the problems we faced and hello to a brand new year that, of course, will bring new pr…

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Db2 for z/OS: What Do You Know About Rebind Phase-In?

For many years, DBAs at a lot of Db2 for z/OS sites have been challenged in performing an important operational task: rebinding a frequently executed package. This can be tricky because a package cannot be rebound while it is in use, and if a package i…

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Db2 Utilities and Modern Data Management

Db2 utilities are the unappreciated, and often over-looked, workhorses of your mainframe Db2 environment. They perform the dirty work that has to be done to populate, organize, backup, and recover your vital mainframe data. Without them, building eff…

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Accelerating Your Db2 Database

Your Db2 database The IBM mainframe and its Db2 database is the transaction processing workhorse for the world’s biggest banks, insurers and financial services companies. It was designed to execute their high-intensity transaction processing workloads very...

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