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How Do You Store Boolean Data in Db2?

Recently, I was reading an article written by Ben Brumm on using Boolean data in SQL and it got me thinking about Db2 and Boolean data. You see, if you click over to the article, you’ll see that Ben talks about several popular database systems, but not…

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What is Db2?

For regular readers of this blog the title of this particular post might seem to be a bit odd. After all, why visit the Db2Portal blog if you don’t know what Db2 is, right?Well, the purpose of this short post is to refer my regular readers to an articl…

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 In the Db2 for z/OS module called DSNZPARM (ZPARM, for short), which provides the configuration settings for a Db2 subsystem, there is a parameter named SEPARATE_SECURITY. This ZPARM was introduced with Db2 10, and its purpose is to enable a Db2 …

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Db2Night Show #Z119: Secure by design

Presented by: Dave Beulke, IBM Gold Consultant and Lifetime IBM Champion

“The Db2Night Show Z119: Secure by design” Replays available in WMV and MP4 formats!

100% of our studio audience learned something!Dave provided design tips for…

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