I’m a hip-hopping monster of the CRT,

All the programmers here, they be envying me,

I’m a DBA, a master of data,

Work with Db2 and I diss all the haters!

I strive every day to give smooth operation,

And to keep the data in perfect formation.

My eyes are trained to spot any trouble,

To fix it before the data turns to rubble.

My hands deftly skip over the keyboard, 

Tuning and tweaking all the inefficient code.

I know all the ins and outs of Db2,

Every command, every option, every ZPARM, I do.

My skills are honed by years of practice,

Through all the challenges, I’ve gained my status.

My expertise and skills are sought by many,

But few can match all my skills, or any.

I’m a Db2 DBA, indeed I am…

A guardian of data, and a z/OS fan!