About Planet DB2



Within the mainframe Db2 community, there are members working to provide the mainframe world with access to articles, workshops, online events and the Planet DB2 blog to share best practices and innovative approaches to the continually evolving world of mainframe database and Db2 technology.

The people who helped shape the original Planet DB2 blog, and those who continued on, represent the world’s top Db2 experts, and the leading and highly specialized independent software vendors (ISVs) within the highly complex Mainframe / z Systems /Db2 ecosystems.

As Planet Db2 continues to flourish, new members are reminded of the few simple ideals upon which this community has been founded:

  • Mediocrity and Status Quo are not acceptable
  • Innovation does NOT equal risk
  • Users don’t have to be limited by any one vendor
  • You can deliver on all digital transformation initiatives
  • Creativity is encouraged

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