Happy Surprises in Snowflake

As I’ve been learning about Snowflake, at least once a week, I find small things in the SQL or feature set that just make me happy. I really feel like Snowflake is meant for someone who loves SQL, but also someone who does other programming.… Read the rest

MySQL: Quotation Marks

My article on DB2 Basics: Quotation Marks has 962 views so far this year, so I thought it might be time to write a similar article on using quotation marks with MySQL. General quotation marks For the most part, you can use single and double quotation marks...

MySQL’s “partial” Group By

This is one area that was not a surprise to me coming from Db2 to MySQL, as I’ve had to deal with people confused in the other direction for years. Essentially, MySQL allows a syntax for GROUP BY that Db2 and most RDBMSes do not allow.… Read the rest