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Are IBM® z/OS® Db2® DBAs Vanishing?

I have the great opportunity to work with several Db2 z/OS users across the US. Certainly, I hear and see Db2 databases getting larger and the availability requirements longer; however, the size of the DBA group... read more

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The DevOps DBA – an Overview

The IT industry is a change machine. It is full of change. It always has been. As I get older, I wonder if it really is changing more, or if I’m just becoming set in my ways.
The first time I heard the term “DevOps” many years …

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The Tao of Db2!

 A couple of years ago now, I published a series of blog posts here on the Db2 Portal blog under the title: The Tao of Db2. The general idea of the series was to offer some high-level, in-the-trenches guidance for Db2 database administrators. But …

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