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Use alfaview on rpm-based Linux

Recently, I tried to prepare for an alfaview session. alfaview is a video conferencing system and used by the university where I teach data security. Only earlier this year alfaview introduced Linux support, and only for Debian-based systems. My system…

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Planet Db2 is Back!

For those of you who were fans of the Planet Db2 blog aggregator, you’ll be happy to know that it is back up and operational, under new management. For those who do not know what I am talking about, for years Leo Petrazickis curated and managed the Pla…

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Know Your Db2 Universal Table Spaces

 One of the biggest changes in the last decade or so has been the introduction of new types of table spaces – known as Universal table spaces, or UTS. Not only are UTS new to Db2, they are quickly becoming the de facto standard type of table space…

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The Benefits of In-Memory Processing

One area that most organizations can benefit from is by better using system memory more effectively. This is so because accessing and manipulating data in memory is more efficient than doing so from disk. Think about it… There are three aspects of comp…

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IBM Db2 on Cloud News

If you are thinking about, or have already adopted Db2 in the cloud, there is some recent news you should know about. But before we explore that news, let’s take a look at the quick highlights of using Db2 in the cloud.IBM’s Db2 on Cloud offering is a …

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