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“Unstructured ” Data and LOBs

Let’s take a look at the burgeoning role of “unstructured” data and the impact of using LOBs to store that data in our Db2 databases. The Growth of “Unstructured” Data Although structured data remains the bedrock of the information infrastructure in mo…

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Db2, SQL, and Modern Coding Techniques

 Mainframe application development has changed dramatically during the lifetime of Db2. Way back in the beginning, and even for a long time thereafter, most Db2 programs were written in COBOL and coded to use static SQL. This meant that the SQL wa…

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Update on No-Charge IBM Tools for Db2 for z/OS

Recently there has been important news regarding no-charge IBM tools for application developers and for database administrators who work with Db2 for z/OS. This news has to do with strategic replacements for the development and administration features …

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