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Get an Internship With My Team at IBM

I have an amazing opportunity for students who are looking for an internship starting in May (2021). This is your chance to work on cutting-edge technologies, in a fantastic team, and positively impact millions of learners worldwide in the process. When I asked for quotes from our current interns on the team, here is what they had to say: “Why are you wasting time writing a post.” — John “I’m debugging here.” — Samantha “For Pete’s sake Antonio, it’s 3 am in the morning.” — Tyler Jokes aside, our current (and past) interns absolutely love their experience in our team

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It Matters Where Your Join Clauses Go

Explicit Join vs. Implicit Join When writing SQL there are two places you can define how tables are joined. The first is explicit, and is specified after the the keyword ON in the join clause like this: SELECT * FROM table_a as a JOIN table_b as b ON a.id=b.id The...

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Using s3cmd with DB2 Backup

Following on from a previous blog about using the s3cmd utility with export and import one of the most asked questions was ‘can I use this with backup’, to which my first thought was… no – the backup file name is generated by DB2 including a timestamp so it wouldn’t...

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