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A Close Look at the Index Include Clause

Some database—namely Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, and also PostgreSQL since release 11—offer an include clause in the create index statement. The introduction of this feature to PostgreSQL is the trigger for this long overdue explanation... read more

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Blaze-Persistence: Use Modern SQL like native JPA

Markus recently published a video in which he talks about Java & SQL, and that lead to a little discussion with me on Twitter. The conclusion Markus often came to is that one has to revert to writing plain SQL for some of the more advanced use cases because of...

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Db2 12 for z/OS Function Level 508

This month, October 2020, IBM introduced the latest new function level, FL508, for Db2 12 for z/OS. This is the second new function level this year (the first came out in June and you can learn more about it here).For those who don’t know, the Function…

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