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An Overview of Running Db2 in Containers

One of my steepest learning curves in the last year and a half has been really getting into containers on K8’s and Docker and what running databases within them means. I thought I’d share a general overview, and plan to follow this post with more specific and more...

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Are You Using the REST Interface to Db2 for z/OS?

Db2 for z/OS got a built-in REST interface about four years ago. Have you put it to work? Perhaps you should. Some information about REST REST is short for representational state transfer, an architectural style that enables invocation of services through a...

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The Developer-DB Love-Hate Relationship

There’s a reason why database administration or engineering remains a separate specialty. There are a large number of rabbit holes you can go down. I’m well aware that there’s probably 40% of Db2 LUW alone that I don’t know, even though I’ve spent 20 years working...

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