A three-pronged set of trends are conspiring to increase the need for organizations to protect and mask sensitive data stored in Db2 for z/OS databases:

  • data privacy regulations place specific requirements on how data is to be protected, 
  • data breaches continue to grow, thereby requiring improvements in data protection protocols,
  • and the on-going requirement to copy production data to test in order to conduct realistic application testing 

Protecting your data while managing these three trends requires a systematic way to ensure that your sensitive data is not exposed or surreptitiously accessed. An ideal method to accomplish this is by masking sensitive data using a data masking tool.

If you want to learn all about the requirements for data masking, and how UBS-Hainer’s BCV5 Masking Tool can protect your critical Db2 for z/OS data, be sure to register for and attend my upcoming webinar, Protect Your Sensitive Db2 for z/OS Data with the BCV5 Masking Tool on October 13, 2022 at 11am EST / 5 pm pm CEST.

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